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Pride & Joy – My Amazing 25 Year Journey With Brighton & Hove Buses

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

PRIDE & JOY – by Roger French OBE charts the history of Brighton & Hove Buses over the last quarter of a century and includes the background to many of the innovations made during this time.


To coincide with the release of ‘Pride & Joy’ Your Message Made Easy was asked to help in the promotion the the book. In a fascinating conversation Sean Bolger talks to the man behind the company Roger French. We discover more out about the man and his personal achievements and discover what impact his involvement in the city of Brighton and Hove has had, including his charity work of which all profits from the book are being donated.

What was it like to run a company during Mrs Thatcher’s 80’s and take it from nationalisation to privatisation? What was it like to own your own bus company and then sell it to a big group? This and more from the man who went from bus conductor to bus owner and who still has a clear vision for the future of one of the country’s most successful bus companies can be heard at On Route Radio.

Pride & Joy is available now and all profits from sales through Brighton & Hove Buses are being donated to the Martlets Hospice and the Argus Appeal, two local charities with which Roger French has been involved for many years.

On Route Radio is a Brand Radio product, produced for Brighton and Hove Buses by Your Message Made Easy. To find out how Brand Radio can work for your company or organisation just get in touch.