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team TV & radio

team tv & radio

What do you get with team tv & radio?

  • Original programming tailored to your organisation and colleagues
  • Professional presenters and production team
  • Specialist writers and reporters
  • On location interviews and features
  • Ongoing production support
  • Multi platform delivery (online, telephony, compact disc)

What are the benefits of team tv and radio?
    • Emotional engagement

      It strengthens the relationship between you and your people.

    • The sharing of best practice

      Internal company messaging improves employee motivation and loyalty; it’s also a great training device.

    • Feedback

      Opportunities to listen and talk back.

    • Employee benefits

      Keep the team up to date with your organisation’s exclusive offers and rewards.

    • Interaction

      Competitions and prizes are a fun way of creating a feeling of involvement.

    • News

      The latest industry updates and developments as soon as they happen.

    • Leisure and lifestyle

      Features tailored to the workforce.

    • Competitively priced

      We produce high quality content to meet your budget.

    • Simple

      Quick and easy to access and consume.

    • Easy

      Your team can watch and listen anytime, anywhere.

team tv & radio, the broadcast bridge between you and your colleagues.