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Winning in Business



The Sussex Innovation Cente is one of the top business incubators in the United Kingdom. Based at the University of Sussex in Brighton it has a reputation for ‘hothousing’ young companies with new products and services. Its tenants are young enterprises with a range of services and products, mostly in sectors such as high-end consumer research, computer sciences, computer gaming, health technology, and new media.

The Innovation Centre, known as SinC, provides various levels of commercial and business support and advice. SinC has also developed a new package of support and advice: “Super-Incubation”. Listen to the attached podcast to hear more!


SinC wanted to promote its “Super-Incubation” product and improve its profile in the “incubation” market. It developed a plan to do so by podcasting a number of interviews with successful entrepreneurs who had used the “Super-Incubation” process. SinC also wanted to raise the benefits of being close to the superb research and business resources of the University of Sussex.


SinC chose Your Message Made Easy to record and produce a series of podcasts aimed at new businesses and entrepreneurs. These are distributed by Your Message Made Easy on iTunes, alongside podcasts from other elite universities.

For one of its podcasts Your Message Made Easy chose to focus on the story of Oban Multilingual. This is one of the few multilingual Search Engine Optimisers in the world. The company grew fast. To move to the next step, the level of being a scalable business, it needed to examine and overhaul to its proposition and systems.

Rory McLeod from Your Message Made Easy spoke to Oban’s founder and Chief Executive, Greg Holbrook.


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