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Speak Up!



With over 70% of web users not speaking English, there is a huge opportunity for companies to expand their markets and reach new audiences. It is not effective to simply translate your web site. Research has shown that there is a lack of awareness of international search engine optimisation and the benefits.


To raise awareness and understanding of multilingual SEO.


The challenge was to create a series of high quality, engaging podcasts that could clearly explain the general benefits of multi-lingual SEO and focus on specific industries. Each episode is a mix of interviews from key figures from those chosen industries, who talk about their experiences, and tips from experts from the world of SEO. The series is presented by London radio presenter Russell Pockett.


In this, the fourth episode in the series for Oban Multilingual, we look at multilingual SEO for the travel industry. We clearly demonstrate how and why travel industry websites ought to go global, and look into some international trends and changes happening in online travel search behaviors. This podcast is a must-listen for any travel company interested in the opportunities beyond their own domestic markets.


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