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Know Our Names


If you’ve ever had to wait for a bus in Brighton & Hove (hopefully not for too long), you’ll have noticed that each bus has a name. They’re all named after people no longer with us, who’ve made a significant contribution to the area or who had a strong connection with our city during their lifetime.


Many names you’ll know like musical legend Dusty Springfield or wartime hero Winston Churchill, but there are some names that make you scratch your head. Who was Maria Fitzherbert? What did William Stroudley do that makes him such a significant local figure? Or indeed what is Sir WInston’s connection with Brighton?

In our latest series of features for Brighton & Hove Buses heritage Sussex radio presenter Danny Pike enlists the help of some local experts to tell the stories behind the names that now ride pride of place on the front of the city’s buses.

For more click the “Know Our Names” tab at the On Route Radio Player

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