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What’s your game?

Friday, January 16th, 2009



Your Message Made Easy produces podcasts for The Sussex Innovation Centre. The Centre’s known affectionately as ‘SinC’ (pronounced SINK!) despite being one of the United Kingdom’s most successful business incubators: SinC nurtures and mentors embryonic enterprises in sectors such as high-end consumer research, computer sciences, computer gaming, health technology, and new media.

One of the reasons why SinC is so successful is that it is based on the campus of the University of Sussex, close to the right research, technology and know-how.

SinC chose Your Message Made Easy to record and produce a series of podcasts aimed at new businesses and entrepreneurs. These are distributed by Your Message Made Easy on iTunes, alongside podcasts from other elite universities.


An area in which SinC is able to offer real expertise is the computer games industry. The University of Sussex is a centre for research and analysis of computer games and Brighton, where SinC is based, is home to a number of large, successful companies that design and publish computer games.

As well as bringing its expertise and resources to the attention of the world’s computer games developers, SinC’s secondary objectives in all its podcasts, is to position itself as one of the world’s leading incubators of young, high-skill businesses.


In this podcast, Your Message Made Easy speaks to Dr David Lewis, Director of Neuroscience at The Mind Lab, about how he and his colleagues research and analyse peoples’ emotional responses to a range of real-life issues, products and situations; and to Dr Graham McAllister, the founder of Vertical Slice, who discusses with us his cutting edge work in the computer games industry.