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How can I ever trust you again?

Saturday, September 6th, 2014


Marital therapist Andrew G Marshall turns to Your Message Made Easy for some help!

Help that is in creating Radio Andrew.

How can I ever trust you again? is just one of the books by therapist Andrew G Marshall and as Marshall explains to Sean Bolger in a set of fascinating and revealing radio interviews, few things in life are more traumatic than discovering your partner has been cheating on you. Why do some couples emerge stronger after an affair and go on to form a better relationship? To find out more have a listen to Radio Andrew.

The Brand Radio product Radio Andrew from Your Message Made Easy has been designed to create a human connection between the author and his books.

Andrew G Marshall regularly writes for The TImes and his books have been translated into fifteen different languages. Your Message Made Easy is pleased to be working with Andrew in the marketing and promotion of his work.

Pride & Joy – My Amazing 25 Year Journey With Brighton & Hove Buses

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

PRIDE & JOY – by Roger French OBE charts the history of Brighton & Hove Buses over the last quarter of a century and includes the background to many of the innovations made during this time.


To coincide with the release of ‘Pride & Joy’ Your Message Made Easy was asked to help in the promotion the the book. In a fascinating conversation Sean Bolger talks to the man behind the company Roger French. We discover more out about the man and his personal achievements and discover what impact his involvement in the city of Brighton and Hove has had, including his charity work of which all profits from the book are being donated.

What was it like to run a company during Mrs Thatcher’s 80’s and take it from nationalisation to privatisation? What was it like to own your own bus company and then sell it to a big group? This and more from the man who went from bus conductor to bus owner and who still has a clear vision for the future of one of the country’s most successful bus companies can be heard at On Route Radio.

Pride & Joy is available now and all profits from sales through Brighton & Hove Buses are being donated to the Martlets Hospice and the Argus Appeal, two local charities with which Roger French has been involved for many years.

On Route Radio is a Brand Radio product, produced for Brighton and Hove Buses by Your Message Made Easy. To find out how Brand Radio can work for your company or organisation just get in touch.

On Route Radio

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


April 2010 and the launch of ‘On Route Radio’, the new online radio service from Brighton and Hove Buses.

In this, their 75th Anniversary year, Brighton and Hove Buses are pleased to announce the launch of a new radio service on their website

In a bold move, one of the country’s most progressive local bus companies has employed the services of Brighton based production company Your Message Made Easy to create a series of monthly radio features which can either be downloaded or streamed online.

The features will highlight some of the special ticketing deals, focus on some of the great days out available on the company’s buses and luxury coaches and provide entertaining and engaging content for the people of Sussex.

Mark Walker, Creative Director at Your Message Made Easy says “The internet and fast broadband enables any company to become a broadcaster. It’s our intention to use radio, already a trusted friend, not only as a great source of entertainment but also as a powerful marketing tool for Brighton and Hove Buses”.

Another regular feature, ‘Ask Roger’ sees Roger French, the Managing Director of Brighton and Hove Buses answering questions from the city’s bus passengers. This will be a direct and open forum where some of the public transportation issues arising in Brighton and Hove will be aired.

“The ASK Roger feature is a great opportunity for me to publicly respond to genuine feedback and comments received from our passengers out and about in the city”, Roger French explained.  “We’re delighted with our first On Route Radio monthly broadcasts and look forward to more in the coming months”.

On Route Radio – a regular appointment to listen at your desk or on the move!

To listen go to and for more information on how Brand Radio from Your Message Made Easy could work for you just get in touch.

Cry Baby

Monday, January 11th, 2010



BabyCentre’s mission is to help parents make the most of one of life’s greatest experiences. It offers parents all the information, support and reassurance they need and aims to become their most trusted parenting resource. The topics covered are exhaustive and wide ranging, featuring articles from doctors, midwives and real life experiences from fellow parents.


To create useful, contemporary and relatable branded content, in the form of mini radio programmes that can be accessed via the website. These are then consumed by the end user at a convenient time to fit in with the busy lifestyles of mothers and mothers-to-be. The key driver was to make the end result accessible and ‘real’, so the listener can empathise and relate to the material.


Various elements were required to produce the finished product; scripts and content were predetermined by Content Consultants, on-site interviews with mothers were carried out and a sonic logo and liners were produced. The main presentation was recorded in studio, being fronted by the website’s editor and post production/ editing undertaken at our production base.


9 programmes were produced, of between 10 and 20 minutes in length, concentrating on specific subjects including coping with tiredness, nappy changing and dealing with cravings. As you would expect, there was plenty of advice and tips from the experts, but the main focus was on real women, talking about real experiences. Though the programmes were credited briefly at the start, the aim was to provide useful, value added content for mothers and mothers – to –be, uncluttered by branding until right at the end, when a sponsor tag was incorporated. As the programmes are downloadable for free, the client’s aim was to further underline Johnson & Johnson’s place as a market leading provider of not only products for mothers, but also as a trusted advisor and guide, helping to demystify the process from before birth and beyond.


Priceless Value From Saatchi & Saatchi Chief Exec.

Monday, November 30th, 2009


Kevin Roberts, CEO worldwide at Saatchi and Saatchi, talks to Sean Bolger about the new attraction economy and the need to engage and inspire.


What’s your game?

Friday, January 16th, 2009



Your Message Made Easy produces podcasts for The Sussex Innovation Centre. The Centre’s known affectionately as ‘SinC’ (pronounced SINK!) despite being one of the United Kingdom’s most successful business incubators: SinC nurtures and mentors embryonic enterprises in sectors such as high-end consumer research, computer sciences, computer gaming, health technology, and new media.

One of the reasons why SinC is so successful is that it is based on the campus of the University of Sussex, close to the right research, technology and know-how.

SinC chose Your Message Made Easy to record and produce a series of podcasts aimed at new businesses and entrepreneurs. These are distributed by Your Message Made Easy on iTunes, alongside podcasts from other elite universities.


An area in which SinC is able to offer real expertise is the computer games industry. The University of Sussex is a centre for research and analysis of computer games and Brighton, where SinC is based, is home to a number of large, successful companies that design and publish computer games.

As well as bringing its expertise and resources to the attention of the world’s computer games developers, SinC’s secondary objectives in all its podcasts, is to position itself as one of the world’s leading incubators of young, high-skill businesses.


In this podcast, Your Message Made Easy speaks to Dr David Lewis, Director of Neuroscience at The Mind Lab, about how he and his colleagues research and analyse peoples’ emotional responses to a range of real-life issues, products and situations; and to Dr Graham McAllister, the founder of Vertical Slice, who discusses with us his cutting edge work in the computer games industry.


Speak Up!

Saturday, December 6th, 2008



With over 70% of web users not speaking English, there is a huge opportunity for companies to expand their markets and reach new audiences. It is not effective to simply translate your web site. Research has shown that there is a lack of awareness of international search engine optimisation and the benefits.


To raise awareness and understanding of multilingual SEO.


The challenge was to create a series of high quality, engaging podcasts that could clearly explain the general benefits of multi-lingual SEO and focus on specific industries. Each episode is a mix of interviews from key figures from those chosen industries, who talk about their experiences, and tips from experts from the world of SEO. The series is presented by London radio presenter Russell Pockett.


In this, the fourth episode in the series for Oban Multilingual, we look at multilingual SEO for the travel industry. We clearly demonstrate how and why travel industry websites ought to go global, and look into some international trends and changes happening in online travel search behaviors. This podcast is a must-listen for any travel company interested in the opportunities beyond their own domestic markets.


Winning in Business

Saturday, December 6th, 2008



The Sussex Innovation Cente is one of the top business incubators in the United Kingdom. Based at the University of Sussex in Brighton it has a reputation for ‘hothousing’ young companies with new products and services. Its tenants are young enterprises with a range of services and products, mostly in sectors such as high-end consumer research, computer sciences, computer gaming, health technology, and new media.

The Innovation Centre, known as SinC, provides various levels of commercial and business support and advice. SinC has also developed a new package of support and advice: “Super-Incubation”. Listen to the attached podcast to hear more!


SinC wanted to promote its “Super-Incubation” product and improve its profile in the “incubation” market. It developed a plan to do so by podcasting a number of interviews with successful entrepreneurs who had used the “Super-Incubation” process. SinC also wanted to raise the benefits of being close to the superb research and business resources of the University of Sussex.


SinC chose Your Message Made Easy to record and produce a series of podcasts aimed at new businesses and entrepreneurs. These are distributed by Your Message Made Easy on iTunes, alongside podcasts from other elite universities.

For one of its podcasts Your Message Made Easy chose to focus on the story of Oban Multilingual. This is one of the few multilingual Search Engine Optimisers in the world. The company grew fast. To move to the next step, the level of being a scalable business, it needed to examine and overhaul to its proposition and systems.

Rory McLeod from Your Message Made Easy spoke to Oban’s founder and Chief Executive, Greg Holbrook.